Everyone says it’s a miracle!

We’ve been driving the streets of Virginia Beach when 20 kilometres away  14 000 kilograms jet fell from the sky into crowded neighbourhood and erupted    into flames.  We saw the fire fighters rushing to the accident, thinking another fire…It truly was a fire! This F-18 jet smashed into one of the Navy’s official potential-crush zones, injuring 6 people on the ground, destroying 10 houses. Everyone calls it a miracle, but was it really? It is remarkable that no one was killed, but I think we should think about the two pilots and their extreme skill. When things get rough, pilots are taught to do 3 things. First, aviate- keep the aircraft flying. Second, navigate- think where the aircraft is heading. Third, communicate and let the tower know what’s happening. And most likely the emergency procedures are ingraining in the pilots head .About  5 000 litres of fuel was dropped and the speculations suggest that   two pilots wanted to minimise the explosion on the impact, and keep the aircraft flying, so it can reach the ocean, only about a mile away from the crash.

Yesterday the two pilots were released from the hospital with minor injuries and now everyone will wait for the outcome of the investigation, but this can take long time because  jets  are not equipped with the black boxes.

In the meantime life must go on and today we already had a number of jets flying across the sky. It’s been only a month and so much happened already…


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