You’ve got to believe in people.

We were working today in our front yard and by saying working I mean slaving. The front garden hasn’t been looked after for a long time and it’s been in a very bad state with azaleas hidden in bushes and weeds.  At first we said no way, but at the end of the day we are the ones who have to look at it plus the neighbours…

So we’ve decided to tidy up, and plant some flowers I bought on Friday. We started at 11 am, next thing the neighbour across the street came out and brought us coffee, because you have to start a day with a cup of coffee.  And I have to be honest I felt good and more excited about weeding and digging. About 2 hours into our work, the next door neighbour came out to give us some water, because the sun was shining and it got hot…another 15 minute chit chat.  We got back to digging and didn’t realise how fast the time was flying. The lunch hour passed and we felt hungry and it was like someone heard us, because the neighbours two doors down brought us homemade cake and stopped for chit chat too….

It felt like a scene from the American movie, very nice but surreal at the same time.  We spent the whole day socialising with our neighbours with some gardening g in between.

I’m not sure if the result came out the way it should….

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.


About monikainamerica

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen...
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