Historical Peninsula part 1

Jamestowne, the place where Captain James Smith met Pocahontas.

Few days ago we went to Jamestown Virginia, first permanent English settlement in the Colony of Virginia.  Named for King James I of England and was established on May 14 of 1607, Jamestown was the beginning of what we know now as United States of America!

Interestingly this place wasn’t the first arrival point. The English travelers arrived few weeks earlier in Cape Henry in Virginia Beach and slowly moved up the river to find better area to build a village. Today’s Jamestown has two sides. The archeological part sits on the peninsula, surrounded by the river York in the north, James River in the south and Chesapeake Bay in the east.  The small piece of land has a stream of water, deep and wide enough to allow access to ships. It was also a strategic point for the defense.  The place wasn’t inhabited by the local Indians, because it was swampy, isolated and plagued with mosquitoes and half of the initial 104 colonist died in first four months. And the climate hasn’t changed much hence three bites on my arm.

The legend says this is the place where Pocahontas saved Captain John Smith from being executed by her father. As beautiful as the story is, it has been proved that it’s just a myth and Smith misread the intensions of the Powhatan Indians.  In fact Pocahontas felt in love and married John Rolf and later on moved and died in England….With no rights whatsoever and with the Disney film in my mind, I felt bit disappointed with the Pocahontas tale….

The second part of Jamestown is very much built for visitors with little children with the replicas of possible items the settlers might have used and three replicas of the ships they arrived on. When I looked at the biggest vessel, Susan Constant, I can’t not imagine what they must have felt, being almost 6 months on the Atlantic Ocean during the winter. Scary idea, but I guess they were motivated to get here, find gold and discover elusive passage to Asia…which we know, never happened!


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