International Children Festival Hampton Virginia.

Yesterday entire families gathered on the 12th annual International Children’s Festival, a true palette of colour, cultural pride, and friendship. Everyone was able to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes from cultures across the globe of over 35 countries, from China to Scotland and from Canada to South Africa. There was a big number of activities planned for this year’s program, like a costumed Parade of Nations, showcasing a breathtaking range of superb fabrics, bold colors, and exciting designs. Entertainment for this year’s festival included the popular Dragon Head Dance, native folk dancers and musicians.
I was privileged to be part of Polish stand, well represented by our community from Hampton Roads. Everyone made an effort to represent our country. We had a stand where children were able to put puzzle pieces together to get a small prize. We had puzzles of Polish and Euro 2012 flags (boys were more interested in football flag )
We also had a photo stand where children and adults could have photos in the beautiful, traditional costumes from Lowicz. It’s amazing how much joy such a simple idea can bring. We presented a board with famous Poles i.e. Copernicus, Kosciuszko, Sklodowska to give everyone idea how we contributed to the world, and with Poland outlined on the European map, we wanted to show everyone how proud of our country we are! I have to be honest not many of American children knew where Poland is on the map, not mentioned famous Poles! I think the only famous one that everyone still recognizes (and there is a good reason) is Lech Walesa. I think regardless to each individual’s feelings towards him; we have to admit that he did “some good” to our country.
Nevertheless it was a great day and I was lucky to be part of it.


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