Norfolk Festival

Today we went to the Norfolk NATO festival. What a fantastic day…More than 20 nations participated in the parade and many more schools, associations, and public service’s men and women. We had a great spot, right on the corner where we could see all the teams in their prime and thanks to Norfolk city we were able to it on the chairs instead of the pavement.

I took some photos, but unfortunately my camera isn’t good enough, nevertheless I was able to take some photos of the most important nation! Poland was once more well represented and we had great platform with Frederic Chopin playing piano, although I was convinced we will have Euro 2012 theme. I guess soccer is not as popular in US as it is in Europe and Chopin seems to be better and easier option. Obviously I have to comment on the UK stand which wasn’t that impressive.  I thought they would have Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or Queen considering first year anniversary and Queens Jubilee.

Turkey had a great platform with a bridge connecting the two continents. I will always
have some fondness…

 I suppose it’s easy to criticises and I ‘m sure people put lots of work and effort in building theses platforms

In overall it was a great fun and even the rain managed to hold on until the end of the parade.

I hope you like the photos …



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One Response to Norfolk Festival

  1. Artie says:

    The floats and parade looks great and I enjoyed the detailed work in many of them! Your observation of soccer not being so popular in the USA is correct but in the military community, you will see a little more enthusiasm for it:)

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