What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Sin City, the city that never sleeps…

Two weeks ago I was lucky to spend 5 days in Las Vegas Nevada, nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The only place where you can go from New York to Paris in 10 minutes!!!  I stayed in the Mirage, hotel located on the Las Vegas strip with 3044 rooms and total gaming is located on 9023 square meters.  And this is not the biggest hotel in town.  The hotel has a French Polynesia theme and there is a fabulous island right in the middle of the hotel with waterfalls and palm trees. There is a fake volcano in the front of the hotel that explodes every hour on the hour every night from 20.00 till midnight.   I walked the Strip up and down, day and night and the place looks completely different during the day then during the night. Still very busy with lots of people, but somehow different.  The lights the music…

During these few days I was lucky to be able to gamble in a few casinos. I managed to win on the slots machines in Mandalay Bay, New York New York and Golden Nugget. I also played roulette in Mirage and this was fun, and I won $ 68…Not much, but considering it was my first time, I guess it was not too bad.

I also went to see the Grand Canyon. I flew with “Maverick” to South Rim and we had a lunch in Grand Canyon. It was an amazing experience, so peaceful and quiet. The Canyon is 466 km long and up 29km wide. This and Great Wall of China are the only two wonders that you can see from the space without any telescope. The research proves that this is almost 2 billion years of geological history has been exposed as the Colorado River is running through the rock, shaping it at the same time. We were lucky as well to see the Canyon from the top as we took the Helicopter flight.  The Canyon is actually located in Arizona so I was lucky to tick another state.

It was a shame to leave Vegas, but I’m very much looking forward to another adventure……

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