It’s official now. I can proudly call myself a volunteer at SPSA Virginia Beach and I got my T-shirt too! I have been here now 4 months and I can’t believe it took me that long to move my “behind” and sign in to the program!

I am absolutely amazed how many Americans belong to non- profit organisations and volunteer their services and dedicate their free time to such organisations. In 2010 a study found that American nation was the fifth most willing to donate time and money in the world at 55%. Volunteer work is also a very frequent obligation when one breaks the law to help give back to the community instead of jail for lower scale crimes.

VBSPCA, Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an organisation that doesn’t receive any federal, state, or city funding. It is mostly volunteer-run organisation. They rely on the public’s generosity for the support. They also have fundraising events throughout the year. When people bring their pets to the shelter, because they can’t, or simply don’t want to carry for them anymore, they are asked to make contribution for the animals’ care. Amazingly, only 30 percent do so, isn’t that sad…

I’ll have my kennel training next week and hopefully I will be good to go.

I don’t want any reward for my volunteering, but I hope some of you who will read this post locate an establishment that will suit you and find some time (anything) to help them out. Believe me this, will be the best reward you will ever get.

Go and visit your nearest animal shelter, find one you like, spend some time playing with the animal, and fill out an adoption application. They’ll check things like whether your wife and kids want an animal, whether your current pets are up to date on their vaccines, and whether your landlord allows you to have pets. This usually takes no more than a day. Plus, most shelters will spay or neuter all animals before they leave the building, so you may have to wait an extra day or two before your new baby can come home. It’s a terrific deal financially, plus you’re saving a life!

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