Going to a pharmacy in US is not an easy process, particularly if you need to pick up your medicine in the hospital pharmacy. After your appointment with the doctor you go to the pharmacy (usually located on the lower floor), take a ticket and wait…wait and wait…

What happened to just go, get you prescription get the medicine and walk out…

If you lucky and brought your book with you- 20 minutes is not so bad, but if you weren’t proactive… well good luck to you….unless you enjoy pretending that you’re not looking at the people next to you, or moreover you think you will get the clock go faster just by looking at it, and by the way; no point checking your phone yet again…nobody called!

The pharmacy itself is from out of space…15 windows/counters, big screen to inform you the B497 is being served. A, B, and E…don’t ask me what happened to C and D?  I guess who ever invented to number system, thought why not give people something to think about while they wait (forever).

My number is up: “Now serving B528 at window 9”

The lady in the window (with a face –I don’t really care!-) checks my ID, takes this very unsexy, plastic, orange bottle and magic starts….This “monster” aka sorting machine sits in the middle of the room, makes lots of noise, and as I can see my tablets are popping out of dispenser right into the bottle, followed by a label with my name and instructions. I hear, yet again:”Any allergies?”, “This is how you store your medications” Blah, blah, blah. Does anyone ever follow these instructions?

Just please give me my medicine now….


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