The Super Bowl XLVII or as here known as unofficial American holiday/super Sunday

There is an estimate that:

Over 160 million people will watch the game,

30 seconds advert during the game will cost 4 million Dollars,

400 millions litters of beer will be drunk and 10million kilograms of crisps will be eaten

1 billion will be eaten chicken wings and 7 million of US employees that will not come to work on Monday

And I am somewhere between these numbers….

Super Ball is an America football game and this year will be played between Baltimore Raven and San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans, Louisiana.

49ers are in favourite to win and I kind of want them to win as I love San Francisco, but on the other hand Baltimore Ravens have Michael Oher.  I’m sure everyone who saw “The Blind Side” knows what I’m talking about….

I have to be honest, I have no idea about American football, it took me years to understand a game which I call football and here known and soccer.  The game here resembles more rugby than football, but like I said …no idea. I’m very much looking forward to see Alicia Keys performing National Anthem and Beyonce putting up a show during the half time .Not to mention the competition for the special adverts created only for that one, particular time …Should I be concerned that these might be a bit shallow reasons? Well sometimes you just need to say it!

5.45 pm EST, the kick of is at 6.30pm, I guess I need to order a pizza now and hope it will be delivered before the game is done. The streets are getting quieter now every news station comments about the game and I can almost feel all that excitement and anticipation in every American home. My house, well the TV is on I’m waiting, second laundry load –somewhere between washing and drying,  ironing board already out…I’m  trying to prioritise the agenda for the next week: work, dentist, vet and monthly shopping. Looks like regular super Sunday to me…


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