Monsters on the Beach


Sometimes a boring Friday evening can turn into a very funny Friday evening.

Last night we went for an evening walk on the beach and ended watching a show “Monsters on the Beach”.  We didn’t exactly know what to expect, but the show didn’t disappoint us. Big,  big cars, lots of noise and plenty of driving on the sand, or I should say flying above the sand.  Everyone who owns a truck can join the show and show off the driving/flying skills. Maybe I should think of it for the next year with my Chevy.   

Enjoy the photos… 


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Just a lazy morning…happen to be in Norfolk, so couldn’t resist!!!

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Norfolk Festival

Today we went to the Norfolk NATO festival. What a fantastic day…More than 20 nations participated in the parade and many more schools, associations, and public service’s men and women. We had a great spot, right on the corner where we could see all the teams in their prime and thanks to Norfolk city we were able to it on the chairs instead of the pavement.

I took some photos, but unfortunately my camera isn’t good enough, nevertheless I was able to take some photos of the most important nation! Poland was once more well represented and we had great platform with Frederic Chopin playing piano, although I was convinced we will have Euro 2012 theme. I guess soccer is not as popular in US as it is in Europe and Chopin seems to be better and easier option. Obviously I have to comment on the UK stand which wasn’t that impressive.  I thought they would have Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or Queen considering first year anniversary and Queens Jubilee.

Turkey had a great platform with a bridge connecting the two continents. I will always
have some fondness…

 I suppose it’s easy to criticises and I ‘m sure people put lots of work and effort in building theses platforms

In overall it was a great fun and even the rain managed to hold on until the end of the parade.

I hope you like the photos …


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It’s cool to be a Pole!

May 2nd is the day the flag of the Republic Day of Polish and Polish community abroad.
Get your flag flying!

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International Children Festival Hampton Virginia.

Yesterday entire families gathered on the 12th annual International Children’s Festival, a true palette of colour, cultural pride, and friendship. Everyone was able to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes from cultures across the globe of over 35 countries, from China to Scotland and from Canada to South Africa. There was a big number of activities planned for this year’s program, like a costumed Parade of Nations, showcasing a breathtaking range of superb fabrics, bold colors, and exciting designs. Entertainment for this year’s festival included the popular Dragon Head Dance, native folk dancers and musicians.
I was privileged to be part of Polish stand, well represented by our community from Hampton Roads. Everyone made an effort to represent our country. We had a stand where children were able to put puzzle pieces together to get a small prize. We had puzzles of Polish and Euro 2012 flags (boys were more interested in football flag )
We also had a photo stand where children and adults could have photos in the beautiful, traditional costumes from Lowicz. It’s amazing how much joy such a simple idea can bring. We presented a board with famous Poles i.e. Copernicus, Kosciuszko, Sklodowska to give everyone idea how we contributed to the world, and with Poland outlined on the European map, we wanted to show everyone how proud of our country we are! I have to be honest not many of American children knew where Poland is on the map, not mentioned famous Poles! I think the only famous one that everyone still recognizes (and there is a good reason) is Lech Walesa. I think regardless to each individual’s feelings towards him; we have to admit that he did “some good” to our country.
Nevertheless it was a great day and I was lucky to be part of it.

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Historical Peninsula part 1

Jamestowne, the place where Captain James Smith met Pocahontas.

Few days ago we went to Jamestown Virginia, first permanent English settlement in the Colony of Virginia.  Named for King James I of England and was established on May 14 of 1607, Jamestown was the beginning of what we know now as United States of America!

Interestingly this place wasn’t the first arrival point. The English travelers arrived few weeks earlier in Cape Henry in Virginia Beach and slowly moved up the river to find better area to build a village. Today’s Jamestown has two sides. The archeological part sits on the peninsula, surrounded by the river York in the north, James River in the south and Chesapeake Bay in the east.  The small piece of land has a stream of water, deep and wide enough to allow access to ships. It was also a strategic point for the defense.  The place wasn’t inhabited by the local Indians, because it was swampy, isolated and plagued with mosquitoes and half of the initial 104 colonist died in first four months. And the climate hasn’t changed much hence three bites on my arm.

The legend says this is the place where Pocahontas saved Captain John Smith from being executed by her father. As beautiful as the story is, it has been proved that it’s just a myth and Smith misread the intensions of the Powhatan Indians.  In fact Pocahontas felt in love and married John Rolf and later on moved and died in England….With no rights whatsoever and with the Disney film in my mind, I felt bit disappointed with the Pocahontas tale….

The second part of Jamestown is very much built for visitors with little children with the replicas of possible items the settlers might have used and three replicas of the ships they arrived on. When I looked at the biggest vessel, Susan Constant, I can’t not imagine what they must have felt, being almost 6 months on the Atlantic Ocean during the winter. Scary idea, but I guess they were motivated to get here, find gold and discover elusive passage to Asia…which we know, never happened!

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You’ve got to believe in people.

We were working today in our front yard and by saying working I mean slaving. The front garden hasn’t been looked after for a long time and it’s been in a very bad state with azaleas hidden in bushes and weeds.  At first we said no way, but at the end of the day we are the ones who have to look at it plus the neighbours…

So we’ve decided to tidy up, and plant some flowers I bought on Friday. We started at 11 am, next thing the neighbour across the street came out and brought us coffee, because you have to start a day with a cup of coffee.  And I have to be honest I felt good and more excited about weeding and digging. About 2 hours into our work, the next door neighbour came out to give us some water, because the sun was shining and it got hot…another 15 minute chit chat.  We got back to digging and didn’t realise how fast the time was flying. The lunch hour passed and we felt hungry and it was like someone heard us, because the neighbours two doors down brought us homemade cake and stopped for chit chat too….

It felt like a scene from the American movie, very nice but surreal at the same time.  We spent the whole day socialising with our neighbours with some gardening g in between.

I’m not sure if the result came out the way it should….

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.

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Everyone says it’s a miracle!

We’ve been driving the streets of Virginia Beach when 20 kilometres away  14 000 kilograms jet fell from the sky into crowded neighbourhood and erupted    into flames.  We saw the fire fighters rushing to the accident, thinking another fire…It truly was a fire! This F-18 jet smashed into one of the Navy’s official potential-crush zones, injuring 6 people on the ground, destroying 10 houses. Everyone calls it a miracle, but was it really? It is remarkable that no one was killed, but I think we should think about the two pilots and their extreme skill. When things get rough, pilots are taught to do 3 things. First, aviate- keep the aircraft flying. Second, navigate- think where the aircraft is heading. Third, communicate and let the tower know what’s happening. And most likely the emergency procedures are ingraining in the pilots head .About  5 000 litres of fuel was dropped and the speculations suggest that   two pilots wanted to minimise the explosion on the impact, and keep the aircraft flying, so it can reach the ocean, only about a mile away from the crash.

Yesterday the two pilots were released from the hospital with minor injuries and now everyone will wait for the outcome of the investigation, but this can take long time because  jets  are not equipped with the black boxes.

In the meantime life must go on and today we already had a number of jets flying across the sky. It’s been only a month and so much happened already…

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Las Vegas

Yeah babe, I’m going to Vegas!!!!

Flights are booked…..

Hotel is booked…..

The Mirage here I come 🙂

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